How to Heal with a Toenail Fungus Supplement

I got a fungal infection on my toenails. It was awful. It didn’t hurt as much as it looked bad. The fungi that cause it is just like the one that causes yeast infections and jock itch. It is gross, but there is something you can do about it.

The fungi let dermatophytes get into your nails. This causes them to get split, change color and thicken. You can either get a prescription medication and ointment for it or you can take a toenail fungus supplement.

These supplements have probiotics in them. The thought is that the fungus that causes it will respond to probiotics. Instead of applying a medication to the area you take the supplement and it works from the inside out.

The medications can take a few months to work. And, they come with potential side effects because these are made up of chemicals. The toenail supplements have natural ingredients in them like oregano oil which is a probiotic. Not only will you get rid of the fungus on your toes you will also enjoy better digestion.

Find a good supplement online. There are many different formulas available. I like the oregano oil but you might also find that regular probiotics help.

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