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What Membership means to you


Membership means that you have a say in how you think the Co-op should serve the community.


By joining the Co-op you own a piece of the business and have a vote in general business policies and board member elections.


Membership means anyone can join the Cco-op as a Non-worker who receives a discount on member-only sale items with no work commitment required! Non-working senior members receive a 5% discount on Wednesdays.

You can also become a Working member and receive a 6% discount on off the shelf prices in exchange for 2 hours of work a month. Working a mere 2 hours per week will make you a Superworker and you will receive a whopping 12% discount.

If you choose to work, you will work in a relaxed, easy-going environment with friendly  people. Tasks include cutting cheese, stocking shelves, pricing orders and cleaning up. We also need people to do projects such as publicity, fund raising, graphic art, carpentry and electrical work. We will try to utilize your special skills.

Investment Wise.

Membership means that the Co-op can use the capital raised through membership dues to attend to important projects that support the stability, fiscal and physical health of the Co-op.

Membership benefits.

  • Member-owners participate in a cooperatively owned community business that is dedicated to education, support of sustainable and organic practices and economic democracy.
  • Be part of a local community store that strives to provide better foods to the community.
  • Discounts off member-only sale items! (Discounts are higher for working members.)
  • Eligibility to participate in committee & development work.
  • Right to vote in all board elections and on by-law amendments.
  • Opportunity to be elected to the Board of Directors & make a difference!
  • Opportunity to receive storewide discounts of 6-12% by helping in your store
  • Ability to preorder items from our distributors at lower prices
  • Check overwriting privileges up to $20.00.
  • * If you choose to work you are given a unique chance to meet other members and work in a congenial & relaxed atmosphere on your schedule.

Membership rates.






$10 per adult

Single Adult


$10 per adult



$10 per adult



$10 per adult




Adult = 18 years or older living in household

Membership fees are used for working capital and are not refundable.

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