Board of Directors


Board member Linda Barrett in the Co-op kitchen. Our Board members wear many hats, literally.

The Board of Directors acts on behalf of the membership to oversee the operations of the Co-op. The Bylaws state:

“The business and affairs of the Co-op shall be directed and controlled in   the interests of members by the Board of Directors. The powers and  duties of the Board shall include engaging management, overseeing the  operations of the Co-op, establishing operating procedures, budgets        and fiscal controls, securing good conditions of employment, and              assuring that the purposes, mission, and principles of the Co-op are          properly carried out.”

Members elect directors for two-year terms on an alternating basis. Voting begins at the Annual Membership Meeting in January and continues for ten days. Officers of the Board are elected by the Directors at the first regular Board meeting following the Annual Membership Meeting and serve a two-year term.

Elizabeth ScottElizabeth Scott


Elizabeth Furcolo


John Weaver


Linda Barrett

SecretaryLibby Furcolo

Justin Bayles

Board Member

Michael Brown

Board Member

Stephen Hale

Board Member